Finance Training

Finance Training

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CareerX finance training programs prepare individuals to demonstrate their professional expertise in financial planning and management, analysis, control, decision support, and business ethics.

Accounting Principles
Introducing basic concepts in financial management, understanding of accounting principles and introduction to financial statements.

Making of a Balance Sheet
This session explains the intricacies involved in the making of the two basic financial statements from an accountant’s perspective.

Profitability & Cash Flow Management
Cover concepts such as cost of capital, EVA (Economic Value Added), forecast of short- and long-term cash flow requirements.


Working Capital Management
Importance of working capital and its cycle, necessity of optimum
investment in working capital and means of its. Use of various ratio
analysis in determining the health of an entity.

Leverage Analysis
Maximising profitability by using leverages and understand how safe/risky an organisation is. When to borrow and when not to borrow.

Understanding of Fund Flow Statements
Read, prepare and analyze fund flow statements to gain understanding of
the money flow and usage within the organization.


Evaluation of Capex
Net Present Value method of evaluating projects, Discounted Cash Flow
model, Internal Rate of Return etc.


Income Tax
Logic behind taxation, computation of taxable Income, tax saving
investments, preparation and filing of Income Tax Returns.
Financial Modelling
Value and analyze firms, IPOs and FPOs, Value of private Investments like
Private Equity/ Venture Capital Investing
Build your own financial models to evaluate trading strategies and
alternate asset class investments.

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