Supply Chain and Logistics Training

Supply Chain and Logistics Training

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The Logistics value chain is a highly people and team dependant process.
Therefore, in order to succeed as a company or in any organization, it is
imperative that every member has sound fundamental knowledge of Global
Trade Operations and Logistics. The Supply Chain and Logistics courses at
CAREERx offer strong foundational knowledge of International business,
shipping, ocean or air freight forwarding and logistics.
With international trade and globalization increasingly dominant,
professionals are required to understand very complex and dynamic
subjects for maximum utilization of business potential. The inherent
numerous challenges make high quality training mandatory to stay updated
with global developments.
We offer a wide range of practical training programs to accommodate
client's requirements and interests. Through our programs, professionals
can enhance their knowledge about the global cargo world and avoid
operational errors. Proper researching and planning will help to reduce
operating costs and maintain quality of service delivery. Being able to
understand changing dynamics of the business allows one to proactively
adjust their business strategy and stay ahead of competition.
The following courses are currently being conducted:
– Global Logistics and Shipping
– Fundamentals of Ocean Transport
– Cargo Selling Skills and Sales Management
– Introduction to Shipping and International Forwarding
– Principles of Air Freight Forwarding
– The Export Process
– The Import Process and Customs Clearance

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